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Be Yogaself.

We recently completed our 2023 Fall Quarter Classes. 

Currently there are no live courses offered due to travels in India. 

Stay tuned to see what is happening in 2024. 

In partner with Off the Grid Missions

Deafhood Yoga is serving First Responders and Deaf Survivors of Disasters with Yogic Breathing & Pranayama Guidance

About Deafhood Yoga

Welcome to Deafhood Yoga® online classes where we can come together to honor, breathe, and live through the yoga lineage and roots of India. 

Our curriculum incorporates Pranayama (Breathing), Relaxation, Asanas (Exercises), Lifestyle (Deafhood and Ayurveda), and Meditation = PRALM. 

Deafhood Yoga® was established in 2010, and answered the powerful vision (2008) of creating an online yoga studio to inspire, support, and serve kindred hearts of Deaf people + allies of all walks of life to experience a Deaf-centered, heart, and human-centered approach of yoga communicating through our hands offering spiritual~light language.

Deafhood Yoga has offered Prenatal Yoga, Children’s Yoga, Yoga at Deaf schools and Camps, Family Yoga, Adults, Chair Yoga, Elders/Senior Citizens, Private Sessions, Consultations, Beach Yoga, Retreats, and Free CommUnity Yoga. Deafhood Yoga® was one of the first to explore, build, and continue the concept of online yoga studios in 2013. In the Fall of 2021 Deafhood Yoga® released its App in the Apple and Google Stores. 

We offer several course options; 5 Petals of Life®, 7 Chakras Yoga, 8 Limbs of Yoga, and Stretch-In Yoga. All are wholistic yoga classes that build the foundation of your yoga practice; to take your personal yoga practice to a much deeper level. You benefit from a wealth of information beyond just the yoga exercises (Asanas) that you still have access to after you complete the courses on this platform. This is truly an investment for yourself and loved ones around you. Yes, all taught in fluent American Sign Language through love and light with your Deafhood Yoga teacher, Rajarajeshwari.

Be Yogaself.

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