5 Petals of Life®

5 Petals of Life®

This divine course introduces a significant foundation to begin your yoga practice at any level, skill or experience. The 5 Petals of Life® is based on Hatha Yoga through the Sivananda lineage and life experiences as Kindred Spirits. Hatha Yoga is considered the “Mother of Yoga”. You learn, apply and practice these essential life skills to center, ground and balance your whole being. Your brain depends on oxygen as its food. When you do not have enough oxygen in your brain, your whole being becomes oxygen deprived. Breathing nurtures and relaxes your whole being. Just like sign language is vital to communicating who you are. Your body is designed to move and flex in different directions to keep your spine elastic and this keeps your organs and brain healthy. The Lifestyle aspect of discussions are based on yoga philosophy to support humans to unpack. This fundamental foundation supports us to return to our birthright of happiness, inner peace, and love. From this heart-centered core, you are able to open your mind, body, and soul to listen, meditate, communicate and align more with the universal possibilities.


Deafhood Yoga® designed and trademarked this unique 5 Petals of Life® yoga curriculum to offer complete and wholistic yoga approach.

The 5 Petals of Life® teaches us the 5 main petals:

  1. Breathing | Pranayama | प्राणायाम

  2. Relaxation | Vriasana | व्रिअसन

  3. Postures | Asana | आसन

  4. Lifestyles | Jivanavidhana | जीवनविधान

  5. Meditation | Dhyana | ध्यान